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eCardiostation eCardiostation: bringing patient ECG and device data online with new subscription based pricing

eCardiostation is the latest advanced management tool from Mednet. Similar to our original Cardiostation™, with an unbeatable combination of features and benefits, eCardiostation is efficient, effective and easy to use. However, this newest addition allows customization of systems and subscription-based pricing. Mednet's cardiostation and the new eCardiostation management systems streamline and simplify patient device data by recording, storing and helping to manage patient ECG and implantable device data for pacemaker, ICD and arrhythmia devices.

Because the customer selects only the modules for eCardiostation that are needed, the system creates a high value tool that is also cost-effective. Click here for the features and benefits and to see the separate modules' description and pricing.

eCardiostation runs in a Windows-based environment and eliminates most installation and IT support issues. It offers an option to export information to many EMR systems, as well as allows for patient scheduling, remote access to reports and interfaces with most major device companies. Click here for system requirements .

eCardiostation's Network Architecture


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